Deinonychus WIP

(toasthall) #1

So there i was last night bored out of my skull and i started making shapes in blender. Pretty soon i thought to myself “hey i could actually make something out of this” so i did and here is the fruits of my labour so far. I am having trouble with making the claws so if anyone can help with this let me know!!



(rogerm3d) #2

Cool looking, just needs more detail claws,teeth, etc

(valarking) #3

the thighs and arms are coming out strangely. they kinda come out strait. nice work though! keep going, im sure you could find a tut about claws for 3dsmax or something then use it for blender.

(S68) #4

Yup, valarking is right, shoulder/hips artuculations are to be worked on. looks like you plainly extruded some vertexes…

smooth! smooth!


(thatbrikwal) #5

claws can be made by repeatedly extruding and “intruding” the ends of the fingers… remember to scale down after each extrude.

i started a deinonychus a while ago… :

your proportions are somewhat off… i looked at a picture of a deinonychus skeleton, this kind of reference usually helps… and good luck; i hope you actually finish, unlike me…

(toasthall) #6

Yeah there is still a lot to be done, i havent worked on it since i posted the picture, i have been way to tired after work. The legs and arms were just extruded and i do need to work on them. I just need to find some decent reference pictures, i think i have some somewhere that i can try to scan in. I hope i finish it, but my chances are slim.


(TazyTiggy) #7

I have a raptor pic that I found on the web, it is what I am using to model one. Maybe it can help

This is what mine looks like so far, I’m having problems with the front arms :o .