DELAWARE 4 environement

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hired to be in charge of all environement scenes for the indy video game DELAWARE ST. JHON 4 asylum of the lost.

Here is the very first screenshot of the very first scene of the game. (this view will be slightly animated).

You can follow the update of the game on this page or on the facebook page of the game.
If you like it and want to support, please add us on facebook.

Entirely done in blender
Post production in Photoshop (animation in after effect)

The second and the third scene are already blocked and being detailed now.
Shading to be done before the end of the week I hope.


Here is a new location artwork I’ve been allowed to share.

Both these environment scenes are really looking top notch. I like all the broken tiles you added in the lab. Lighting looks just right to me in both outside and inside scenes.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

very ghostly. nice rendition of the scene… HD res version? plz

Hi Guies, thanks for the comment.

Currently I can’t provide higher res render as the game engine for this product is very limitated, outputed animations are 1024x668 only.
So these still pics are like 120 or 150% bigger and I havn’t made any higher renders.

Wow, congrats on that. They made a good choice in hiring you! :slight_smile: The screenshots already look fantastic. A very good start.

Hi Minoribus. It’ s been a while.
nice to see you passing by. Thanks for your words :wink:

Here is one a WIP of one of the 3 newest areas…