delay armature influence?

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is there a way to set the influence of an armature to take effect at a certain point? i dont want my object to deform until frame 100, say. how do i prevent the armature from acting on the object until then?

somebody please?

or is there any way to apply an armature at a certain frame?

You could apply a time ipo to it but why not just redo the action?

what? what should i apply a time ipo to?

and what do you mean by redo the action? i have an ipo on an armature on cyclic extrapolation (i think thats what its called. its shortcut is E->4.)that causes the bone to move back and forth, repeating ad infitum. what action should i redo?
thanks for the reply!

I’m pretty sure this is what the NLA editor is for… I have not used it much myself but I have seen an infinite action turned on and off using it. I would suggest looking into that. :slight_smile:

also look for armature actions" on this forum and google.

shortly, an action is an ipo applied to a bone. the only real difference is, that you can apply multiple actions to an armature, thereby creating animations for different actions (for example running and standing or hitting and blocking)

actions are only possible on bones and one bone can only be assigned to one action at a time, but if you are able to account for that, the sky is the limit.

how to create actions:
go to frame 1
open up the action editor window, select your armature and press i.
select the appropriate type of keyframe.
go to another frame
change some bones position, rotation or scale
press i again
select appropriate type of keyframe

there you are with your first action.

now you can use that action by assigning your armature action actuators.

i uploaded a blend file with a simple example,
just press uparrow, downarrow and space to test the actions
(uparrow rotates the whole object, downarrow resets this rotation, space rotates the upper bone)
if you look in the window with the sensors and actuators you can see, that i once started the action using python and once using an and controller, just choose which of those you want ( i would recommend python)

hope that helps,


action_test.blend (83.5 KB)

Just so you know actions can be applied to objects as well. You just have to enable the connection to the action editor in the IPO manually, whereas bones are enabled by default (and cannot be disabled). To link an object IPO to the action editor press the little person icon (same as Action editor icon) next to the IPO type field.

I know this because the reverse is necessary when setting up armature switches (FK/IK and the like…) The little man icon needs to be disabled when driving a constraint with a bone or it will not update in realtime (since it will be connected to the timeline/action).