Delay in mouse clicks

Hi all,

I hope you can help me with this one. I tried to use mancandy bud experience a serious delay, when selecting a bone. 2-3 Seconds. This problem disappers when I hide the layer containing the mesh. This also happens when I simply create a small mesh, containing a subsurf and 3-4 armatures related to that.

I assume that this delay was caused by the ATI graphic card, but I am not sure. The following has been tried out:

  • Uninstall the ATI Catalyst 8.4 driver and replace it with the Omega drivers - same result
  • Put a older ATI DLL file into the blender directory - Blender crashes at startup

I am using an HP nc8430 notebook with an ATI x1600 Graphic card on Windows XP. Blender 2.48.1
Do you think it is been caused by the Graphic card or should I look out for something else? What else can I do to fix it? (Except byinig Nvidia :evilgrin: )


if you turn it to wire frame and the delay stops > it probably has something to do with your specs of your computer or your graphics card

you could try disabling all the modifiers in the 3d display to speed up the display (or turn down the Subsurf)
but the mancandy model isn’t really that hi-poly so your system should be able to handle it

do other scenes have this problem with armatures and subsurf?
(you mentioned they did, but is this a blank scene or were you adding the cube and armature in the mancandy scene?)

it applies also to other files. So this is not related to a mancandy file.

I also changed the open GL settings from “Quality” to “Speed”. It didn’t change anything.


Its from the Ati drvs. I have the same problem, just switch to stick when selecting bones

I have gotten the same problem when selecting verticies in very high poly models on a NVIDIA card (8600 GTS). Like I said, though, it only happens when I have an insane amount of verticies in a model.

Are there any further threads with tips on how to solve these issues.

I tried to use bones displayed as a stick, but it do not help…

Use the latest ATI drvs not the Omega ones and maybe even lower the monitor resolution to 1440x900

Don’t buy ATI cards :wink:

Oooh, look, ATi cards.


I fixed it by removing the Omega drivers and downgrading my ATI drivers to Version 8.3 and applying the defaults again in the catalysts control center.

Thanks for your help.