Delay on the random sensor?

I want to delay the intervals that a random sensor has, such as now every so many seconds a actuator is activated, I want to delay it to about 10 seconds. How do I do this?

on for 1 off for 59?

if property min 0 max 59 --------and----------add 1 to property

if property = 60 ------and property = 0

if property = 1------and----------------random

Is that python?

Now that I think about it, random is a sensor,

Those are logic bricks,

But your going to need python I think,

Own[‘property’]=(random float or int I have to look up)


I think I figured out a way to do it, to use the True pulse feature and set it to a high number (i set it to 128). It seems to delay the random quite well.

The only reason I use properties rather then delays, is you can sequence with the same number, and “Lock Step” 2 separate actions etc