Delay problem

(Peter) #1

In my FPS game I have a Timeoffset on my camera, to make it less stiff. When I move in one area with, lets say, 90 frames per s, the camera follows at a sertain distance(delay), but in a nother area with 70 frames per s the camera gets to far behind. Is it some way to make the delay independent from the framerate?

(Pooba) #2

I think there may be a way to force a certain framerate (so it always stays at that framerate) but i’m not sure. It might just be for the webplugin.


(kEinStein) #3

I think you mean “Enable all frames” from the game menu. Good for synchronized stuff, but can be pretty jerky on slow systems…

(Peter) #4

I tried the “enable all frames” button but it did’nt make any differense in my exe.

(saluk) #5

Blender is not very good at syncronization stuff (just ask me how much fun I was having with this problem trying to make MULTIPLAYER stuff:) ), but there are ways. Enable all frames should do the trick, but it appears it isn’t doing it for you.

If you are using the built in slow parent, I don’t think there really is a solution.

If you are using a camera script, you could check a timer prop on the object to see how much time has past since we last ran the script and adjust the camera accordingly.