delayd follow

how can I do following
I have 5 boxes, i want to set movement so that first box will move up and down in z-variable. then I want that 2nd box to do same movement, but keeping own x and Y position and to do it little bit later(for example 10 frames later), 3rd will do same as 2nd but frames later than 2nd and so on…

I know how make 1st object follow path, but how to do 2nd,3rd…?

Where do i need this? i am making snake, I decide to test with these 5 box before stepping further.

You could try to move the boxes with keyframing.


  1. Make a box.
  2. Go to the object mode and hit i.
  3. Select LocRot.
  4. Go to frame 10 and do 2 and 3.

I think that you can animate the snake using this technique.

You might also want to check out armatures and Automatic IK. There’s a simple animating tutorial at the documentation.

thanks I have to check those armature and automated ik things someday,still newbie with blender so lot things to learn.
I try that locrot animation now.

merry Christmas and happy new year to all

In F7, Anim Settings at the bottom:- Time Offset and choose the mode just above.