delayed parenting problem

(blenderage) #1

im making a game and ive got a rocket, you press a button and the rocket fires forward. There’s an empty parented to the rocket which adds the plane from the other layer to generate a thrust effect. the only problem is it looks crap because when the rocket changes direction the thrust goes out of place. Ive fiddled wih the time offset buttons but nothing seems to work. Thanks to anyone can help.

(saluk) #2

I don’t think delayed parenting is the best solution to this. Just parent it normally without slow parenting and see what happens.

(blenderage) #3

thats the thing thougt i did, the parenting works normally until you want add a large foce (like my rocket) and then the delaying effect happens

(blendedHKU) #4


Check to see if one of objects still uses slow parenting, or maybe just re-parent the objects.

I don’t see what’s the problem with slowparenting, I think it’s a great feature, I use it a lot.

with slowparenting, you should only make the child ‘slow’, not the parent. This works great for rocket engines. Parent a flame to the rocket, then parent another flame to the previous flame, etc,etc.