Delete 2.64 Screen Layout 3D View Full (Solved)

Anyone know how I can delete this data block? I use ctrl arrows to cycle through the screen’s, and 3D view full is messed up on my system.
Usually you can just hit the X but it can’t get rid off it…

Do you mean the menu:
Window > Toggle Fullscreen (Alt F11) ?

no he means the new screen layout “3D view Full”

I have no qualms with it
but you can delete it by going to:

Outliner->show type: Datablocks->Screens ->3Dview Full -> name

where the name is (3Dview full) select it and delete and confirm

The screen layout will have gone.

If there is another way I would like to hear it.
But this is what I found.

Oh I see the one - yeah, that’s a bit to work around if you want to get back to “normal” default view.

  • Go into the “3D Full view” mode.
  • At the bottom of the screen, to the right is a “+” sign. Hit this and you should have a header bar showing along the bottom
  • Change the view type here from “3D view” to “info”
  • You should now have the “X” you were referring to earlier.

perfect thank you guys. Both ways worked.

oh yeah yours is much easier XD