Delete a bullet


I want a bullet to hit a object. When the bullet hit it, the bullet disappears and the object gets a prop - 1… The problem is that I add 3 of the same bullets that fly at the same moment, I can’t let them be disappeared one at a time. When I do a message to “bullet”, all the 3 bullets disappear.

Hope i’m clear enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but bullets handling is really easier to do with python script…

with simple logic, you’ll soon face tough limitations.
…like this one you just found.

Try taking a look at “a byte of python”,
I tell you, programming in python is easier than it look.

one month of random blender python learning and you get 500% stronger with BGE.
worth it a lot :wink:

I am learning python for a while now. :stuck_out_tongue: Can you direct me to a script for bullets please? :slight_smile:

Anyone help please? xD I won’t bite

hi gamemaster,

Here’s one way to do it using logic bricks. The bullet is on layer 2. I attached a collision sensor and end object actuator to it.

Press the space bar to shoot the ‘gun’.



gun_bullet.blend (158 KB)

Damn sorry. Forgot to say… :blush: I can’t make the bullet dynamic.

Argh, forgot to select the true level triggering xD sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s solved :wink: Thanks :slight_smile: