delete all animation data how to ?

is there a simple way to delete all data for animation
like in the NLA window or the F curves window

may be with a small script to do that quickly ?


your can, but its somewhat counter intuitive. on the action editor, at the bottom where it gives you action names. hit the “f” button a few times till the action has a 0 beside its name. then save and close the file. when you reopen you shouldn’t have any animation. same method works for permanent deletion of materials etc.

really wish blender would adopt a more file system style approach to handling animation. the current system is a bit wonky, and can lead to unnecessary problems without a set in stone “save” function for animations. cant tell you how many times have had to reexport a model because i changed the animation end frame for a different action, then switched actions to check something, then exported the model, get into unity, and the action i checked has the wrong length and cuts off in the middle. heh. its something you learn to deal with after a while but its unnecessary extra work from a production standpoint. but i digress, this isn’t the right forum for feature rants! haha

I got a file with a model having a lot of anim things in the NLA section

as I don’t really do a lot of anim scene and It takes a lot of space I guess
just wanted to get rid of these non useful things

tried the F key or X delete on bottom header but does not do anything
what m’i missing here ?

so wondering if there is like a short script to just erase everything to clean up things
like Furves NLA actions ect…

may be one day I will go more into animation but for now I stick mostly to modelling

thanks for feedback

yeah, animation is funky. when you “unattach” the animation data from the model, it stays in memory attached to the .blend binary until you close the file.

like i said in my rant earlier. animation needs some work in blender. haha! it might be fine if your making something silly like a movie. but movies are so last century, interactive entertainment in games is based on looping actions, and its a pain to manage a large action library on an object the way it is now.