Delete all keys with 0,0,0 location?

How would you delete all keyframes with a 0,0,0 location in Python?
I am cleaning mocap data and been deleting them manually in the graph editor, but it must be much faster to do it with a script. Thanks!

Is that 0,0,0 location of objects? Keyframes are actually 2D.

A screenshot would be nice!

Yes, it is the location of empties. Aha, so keys is probably what I mean :slight_smile:
I will see if I manage to post a screenshot… Thank you for replying

Hi colorina,

Since this is mocap data then all the key frame frames are the same for each location / rotation in the import across all the bones or empties.
This being the case you can select the top object in the hierarchy loop thru its key-frame points, change to that frame and then delete the location keyframes if their vector length is less than some tolerance.

import bpy
from math import floor

context = bpy.context
scene = context.scene
mt = context.active_object
action = mt.animation_data.action

TOL = 0.00001 # Tolerance.

fcurve = action.fcurves[0]
frames = [[0] for f in fcurve.keyframe_points]  # frames used in bvh import.

for f in frames:
    frame = floor(f)
    subframe = f - frame

    scene.frame_set(frame, subframe)
    # could loop thru all mt objects or bones created from mocap import here.
    if mt.location.length < TOL:
        s = mt.keyframe_delete('location')
        #print('location', s)  # s is the success of operation
    if mt.delta_location.length < TOL:
        s = mt.keyframe_delete('delta_location')
        #print('delta_loc', s)

PS included delta_location too as the default bvh importer uses this for location when importing as empties.

That seems to work :slight_smile: Thank you so much batFINGER!
I found so many helpful answers from you when I am searching the internet, so thanks for that help too!