Delete All Materials


I want to delete all materials (moving from cycle to blender render).
I tried to select all meshes and give them a new materials, it didn’t worked.
I don’t want to replace one by one, is there any good way to see and delete all of them ?

If this process is not necessary and there is a simple way, please help my find it.


You cant simply select all objects and apply a new material to them all.

What you need to do is select one object - apply your material to it. Then select all objects - hit Ctrl-L and a menu will pop up. Select “Materials” from this menu to link the materials of all selected objects. This should apply the material on object 1 to all objects. Save your scene and next time you open - it should only have the one material in it.

Its a bit of a long winded way to go about things though. Material management is IMO one area Blender is lacking, but I guess its usable and the developers have their hands full delivering other excellent functionality.

thanx Moony, CTRL+L working great.
I’m kind of missing material management window which will show me all materials & textures.

another question, if i used cycle materials for my scene and i want to convert to Blender render materials, is there any easy way ?


To my knowledge - no, they are totally incompatible.