Delete All Shape Keys

How to remove all shape keys at once?
I have a human model exported from makehuman and it has many many shape keys that I do not need and I can’t apply subdivision surfase modifier because of these. Deleting by clicking “-” to delete each on is painful and is taking forever.

Not sure if there is a fast way, but scroll all the way to the bottom and select the last one, then just start clicking the “-” button a bunch of times. Start at the bottom because if you have any shape keys dialed in, starting at the top will “apply” that key or do some other weird stuff that may not be desired.

The only way to delete them all at once is using Python. Given the time it would take to write the script, it’s faster to select, delete, select, delete, etc. It’s one of those things I’m sure most people have thought of writing in a time of need, then didn’t bother because of this time difference issue.

Maybe someday.

When I rightclick on “-” button, there is an option called “Add Shortcut”. Then I leftclick it, it shows that current shortcut is “A” and when I move mouse cursor to that “A” area, Blender asks for new shortcut to be entered. Whatever I enter, the “A” stays there and pressing “A” in that area just collapses Shape Keys section.
How should this thing work? I don’t get it.

I got the same results.

The only official way to change a keymap or add to it is through User Preferences. There’s a keymap tutorial on Blender Newbies. It’s the one I learned from when I first got into Blender and the mappings done during the tutorial are very handy.

Try this in the python console:

[bpy.ops.object.shape_key_remove() for x in range(50)]

It’s a hack, but it should work!