Delete Animation Data

I want to use this rig for a character animation, but when I downloaded the file, it already had audio and animation attached to it.

Is there some way to delete the animation and audio from the file, so that I can start from scratch with this rig?

Select the IPOs and click the x next to them. In the IPO editor. There might be an easier way though.

well, let me rephrase it this way. I want a clean slate to begin with, and then import a movie with audio so I can animate it like the character in the movie.

You could import the character into a new .blend. That way there’s nothing else there.

Ok, I tried import the character. This is how I went about doing so:

I opened a new file and deleted the cube.

I then clicked File-Append or Link (Image Browser)

I found the file and then I didn’t know which parts to select…

How do I go about doing this? Thanks for your help so far by the way : )

Object-> the character and armature. But you’d still have to go through all the IPOs and delete them.

How do I delete the IPOs? And there’s no character to append… there’s object…

I looked at the file. The characters name is Plane and the armature is Armature. To delete the IPOs, you’d have to select each individual bone and in the IPO editor, press the x. The IPO editor would be in the Animation screen.