Delete "blocked" faces?


I’m wondering if there’s a way to delete all blocked faces in a mesh automatically. By blocked, I mean that the face is covered completely by another face. For example, take two cubes of the same size next to each other and touching on the edges. Because those two faces will never be seen, it seems a waste to have them there. Is there any way to delete the two faces of the cubes without going in and manually doing it? I need this automatically because I’m dealing with large amounts of faces like this, that would normally take hours to do manually. I could explain why I have a mesh like this, but it would just take too long to explain :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks :cool:


This might not work all the time but it’s one way you could try.

  1. Remove doubles
  2. unselect everything
  3. click select -> non-manifold
  4. add a new vertex group and add the now selected vertices to it
  5. select the vertex group with the select button
  6. delete faces

In edit mode Ctrl-V > RemoveDoubles to remove overlaping vertices, but result depends on mesh topology. If mesh is completely messed up it may ruin your mesh. Also there is script under Mesh>Scripts>CleanMeshes you may try.

Edit: it seems Morio was quicker. :slight_smile:

Well, these don’t really work for what I’m looking for, but thanks anyway. I’ll just delete them all manually since I only need to do it once…


if you could post your model (or a part of it) here so people could have a look at it, someone might find an easier way to do it

Well, actually, I did think of an easier way. In the end, there’d be about 1000 faces I want visible. All I have to do is take an hour to select all of those, then invert the selection, and delete faces.