Delete Edge Loop Bug?

Not sure exactly where to place this type of question so, if it is in the wrong place, would a moderator please move it/notify me?

I use the “Delete Edge Loop” tool a lot. Lately however I’ve found some sort of bug or whatnot when deleting edge loops that span 4+ closely knit parallel edge loops. When deleting an edge loop that spans 4+ tight parallel edges it will not only delete the edge loop but it will also merge two of the four parallel edge loops as well.

Below is a visual reference of what I’m talking about. (to make it easier to see) If you need to experiment on your own you can do so by just taking a cube, subdividing it twice, then taking the edges of one side and us the Bevel Center script to bevel those edges with a value of something like .001. Then to a level 2 recursive on it. Once that’s done delete one of the edge loops cutting down the newly beveled face and you should see what I mean.

So is it a bug? Or is it my problem? I’ve avoided sending this into the bug tracker since I don’t know if it’s a known bug (didn’t find anything in the search) or if it was just me.

P.S. Just so you know. There are 4 edges in the “Before” picture zoom-in. Resizing the image caused one of them to disappear.


I think it is not a bug but rather a problem with the bevel. When you bevel it doesn’t nessecarly create edgeloops. You can verify this by selecting the loop before removing it and see how the selection is. If it doesn’t select all the edges going around your whole object, your edgeloop isn’t surrounding the complete object. Consequence of this is when you delete this edgeloop the end points will produce tris and collapse the edges along certain lines.
If you can reproduce this without using bevel (which I doubt) you can consider it a bug.

I’ve managed to reproduce it without beveling. Simply create a set of 3 edge loops very close to the end of a box and do the same “Remove Edge Loop”. (note: they must be very close together.)

I’ve attached an example.blend file to show what I mean. Simply zoom in really tight and delete the selected edge loop. You can also place a set of edge loops on a flat surface very close together and achieve the same result.

As these loops are so close together that they create doubles, I can see how there could be problems with deleting them.

Question, why are you finding it necessary to do this? (doubled edges)


I use them for creating very tight machined edges with subsurf. [shift]+[e] doesn’t quite make the cut for that.

Yes, that would be the standard use, but there’s no need to go THAT tight.


This edge loop delete bug is a real problem. It seems to merge vertices that are too close. Don’t have this problem with other applications. Is this a difficult one to fix - what about a scripting solution?

Have you tried changing the merge limit to 0?
Or perhaps make an instanced object and scale it up 10 times