Delete Instances?

What is the code to delete an instance only?

I can’t use the “Edit Object” -> “End Object” because it is spawned from an empty and it will delete the other layer, deleting all the other instances that stem from that object

Sorry, I’m kind of bad with python

Any object that is added by the Edit Object actuator ( or scene.addObject()) is an instance of the original object, therefore deleting it doesn’t delete the object on the other layer, nor does anything “run” on the original object. It is kept dormant on the other layer and is unable to be deleted, since it is not in an active layer. What is the exact problem you are encountering here?

For some reasone this is true for all but compond physics items*

EndObject ends the object that owns this logic brick.

If you added this code to the instance object (the empty) the instance object will be ended. The instance members do not care about that.

You need to add the code at the group objects. This way the group members can and themselves.

Hint: You just need to end the root objects. Their children will end with them.
Remark: Group objects do not need to be parented together. There can be multiple roots.