delete material but without unlinking one by one material-object

There is a lot of objects with one material and i want to delete that material but is assigned to lot of objects.
Is there any way i can delete that material but without unlinking or deleting the material one by one in all the objects ( models imported from sketchup so the materials are a mess).
Any way i can delete from the datablock the material directly ???
I hope there is a way to make things easy!

I’m pretty sure Shift+X-button will do this, once the file is saved and re-opened. But object using the deleted material datablock(s) may show errors flagged by a red-tinted field in the material slot name.

Shift X in the object? i don’t want to delete the object, just the material that is IN the object :(, ( about 144 users ) , and lot of objects also have the same material, how to delete that material?


In the Materials context there is a set of fields and buttons below the listing of Materials for the selected object. One of the buttons has an X in it. This is the unlinking button, but if you use Shift+X-button (not X-KEY!), it marks the material for removal from the file after saving, closing & reopening. The same kind of button exists for many different kinds of datablocks, such as Mesh, Actions, etc…