Delete material link for multiple objects?...[SOLVED]

Hi there,

I’d like to know wether I can delete or switch off the link to material for multiple, or rather, all objects??

I’m having a scene here with a few hundred objects and want to make a ‘clay render’ for which I have to delete/switch off the material link for all objects. I searched the archives but that turned out to nothing.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Robertt has a script for that in the Python and Plugins forum. You can also use Ctrl-L to link the Active Objects material to all other selected objects.


Thank you very much! I did not need the script for it though :slight_smile:

I just picked one object and deleted the material link for it, and then select all. Then deselect and select the object for which I deleted the material link (making it the last one selected and more highlighted). And finally hit CTRL-L -> ‘material’ to make all objects material free.

Oh, I excluded the camera from the selection too.

I have a pyramid and a ground for objects. I try to assign a color (material) to just the ground, and it also puts it on the pyramid. I did what krizz found, and it worked. But when I tried to go back to the ground and add texture too, it changed the pyramids color back to that of the ground. HELP??

I have solved my problem. When you create a new object, with no other selected, and in editing mode, you hit a button called add new, and that adds a seperate texture