Delete multiple edge loops?

I am trying to delete multiple edge loops. How can I do this? I tried pressing X -> Edge Loop but this only works with only one loop. I’m sure I’m missing out something really simple since I’m still new to Blender. Thanks in advance!

Hi cool7, as far as Im aware, you can only do one at a time - if I’m wrong, then I could have done with knowing it a long time ago :wink:

I can’t beleive it. :eek: Are you sure? Why couldn’t you delete more than one? Seems illogical to me. What if I had a ton of loops that I need to clean? Selecting and deleting them one by one will be such a waste of time.

It is kind of funky. Sometimes you can get more than one at a time, but I haven’t yet figured out the pattern.

As a pretty decent workaround, you can select the first loop, then x,l to delete it, then select the next loop and F3,2 to delete that one.

You cannot simply select the second loop and hit Shift+r to repeat the deletion, because the loop select itself becomes a part of the repeat history. So, you have to reach one item further back with the F3,2.


if they are in sequence you can select them and scale them to zero, then remove doubles -> you’ll have one loop left!

With BMesh you can select multiple adjoining edge loop in edge mode and then then hit x dissolve. This however still leaves the vertices intact.