Delete My Account


It has been an honor being on this forum. I may have not been much help but it has been fun. Some things are changing in my life and that is why I am here. Could you please delete my account and if possible all my threads/posts. Please contact me at [email protected] if you need more information or anything. Thank you for your time.



Umm… I don’t understand your motivation for saying this. I looked over all 9 of your posts, and I don’t see anything incriminating about them, so that can’t be the reason. Why didn’t you simply not say anything? Wouldn’t not posting anything anymore be just as good?

Did you join a cult that outlaws he use of computers?

Please stay! It never hurts. I put away Blender for awhile now and then, but you’ll come back, and we’ll be waiting for you! And hopefully your account will still be here, waiting for u…

It is against our policy to remove posts from the forum that aren’t against policy. (lol)

And there is no reason to delete your account; if you need it for self restrain, talk to an admin in a pm.

In fact, all of this should go through a PM. Talking to a specific party (an admin) should be done through pms.

Thanks alot for your replies. Its not this community its great its just that I dont think ill be using this forum. And if by the very very very slim chance another gjivan72 come along and wants to sign up i mean I don’t want to be inactive and let him not have the chance to get this username.

Well thank ill think about it.