Delete non faces?

This is probably more of a request than a question since I’m guessing there’s no mod yet for this, but in case I’m wrong, is there a technique for clearing stray vertices and edges? Like, If I selected a pile of vertices, is there a way for the program to recognize only the ones attached to faces, and then clear, separate, or delete the rest?

This would be extremely useful. I was working on a mesh this morning and to my dismay, on the inside of the mesh, there was a forest of tiny undeleted edges, I’ll be spending most of the morning deleting.

I think all of us run into these extraneous edges and floating vertices, having a way to delete them would be grand.

Here’s one possibility for you:


In edit mode, “Select/Select All by Trait/Loose Geometry” may help

Also you might want to have a look over the manual’s advanced selection page, describing the solutions offered, among others.