Delete Old Forum Post

Hi, I would like to have this: How do I 'squeeze' text in Blender? removed. It would be much appreciated if you could do this for me, and If you could remove this post afterwards that would be great! Thanks in advance.

May I ask why? You received help from someone else, which would then also be deleted. Other users can still benefit from this information.

Hi, I’m just trying to remove some things associated to this name.

The problem with removing things, especially things that could be searched in the future, is that we remove a piece of the archive, intended for everyone to find answers for their own questions.

Distorting letters in blender is something i can see someone searching, and indeed if i search “How to squeeze text in blender” on google, your thread is the first to pop up:

Im fine with removing threads related to shared art, anything containing personal information (as long as editing it does not suffice), or threads that are completely out of date, to the point of no longer being relevant at all.

However, in this case i do find the thread to still be relevant, and very much searchable.

I see that its your only thread, however. If you want, we could anonymize your account. However that would not remove the thread, nor the images in the thread. It would just disconnect the thread from your account.

I normally dont recommend anonymizing in cases like this, the reason i see it as an option, is that you only have that one thread of yours.

That said, this would also delete your account, meaning you’d have to sign up again.

I have one more suggestion, if you’re fine with keeping the thread up under your name, but still wish to remove your brand from the thread, then we can replace the images with other, equivalent images. This would not make the thread less useful for other users, however it would at least contribute to disconnecting you from it. How does this sound?

Hi, thanks for your time, I think i’d like to anonymize this account, and I understand that this would also delete my account. Thanks in advance.