delete/remove unwanted face from uv

Why there’s no ‘delete face from uv’ ? i want to remove couple of faces from current uv. Unfortunately i can’t find a way to delete it. Is there really no feature in blender to delelte face from uv ? Redo the uv it’s not always a good option. Let say i’ve been working on tweaking the uv for couple hours , it’s a bad option to redo. I just want to keep my current custom uv and remove unwanted faces. I maybe can move the face (in uv editor) outside, but it only works if i’m using non tiled texture. Any help ? Btw this is such a basic feature that blender should have.


All faces have to have some UVs or all faces have no UVs

What are you expecting to see on those faces that have no uvs?
If you don’t ant a particular texture on those faces then use multiple materials or position then faces where there is no texture
What exact scenario do you have that require some faces not to have UVs. What exact problems are you encountering (supply examples)

This is my reason :

  1. to clean up the UV while those unwanted face is overlap and make uv looks complicated. I want to tidy up.
  2. what i want to see on that face is the the texture below (lower texture layer). So in my case, the lower layers are couple of base textures . the current layer is logo with alpha channel which is tiled (repeat on). On some faces i don’t want to see this tiled logo so i want to take out those faces from the current uv(for the current layer). I may create upper layer to overwrite that tiled logo for specific faces. But seems to be long road to heaven. Any good solution ?

make 2 materials
one with UV the other no UV !

or pick the faces you don’t want texture on it and scale these to 0
or move outside the area of the texture - should work unless with tiling

happy bl

Thanks, yes i used one of those tricks. There should be a function to ‘delete uv’ for a faster workflow. ‘Delete uv’ is not necessarily have to literally delete uv. As Richard said all faces have to have some UV or no UV. The ‘delete’ function is just an interface for user to easily ‘disable’ or ‘unlink’ UV from mapping calculation (maybe internally it scale down UV to 0 and make it invisible). Maybe someone already have it in python.

It IS stupid that that condition exists – it’s not ‘necessary’ except that the devs required it.

Other s/w manages to not have this pointless restriction.