Delete this...its useless now.

Its useless, delete this.

I’d say Blender Tests. I thought it was for posting tests of new features but ti appears to be for posting anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else or doesn’t really have any real point. Too bad really. I rather liked the idea of a forum just to see new features in trial.

None of the above. The forums don’t need reworking. People who post simply need to select the correct forum. No amount of tweaking the forums is going to change behaviour in people who know how things are supposed to work and choose to do otherwise. As for newcomers, they will learn where things are supposed to go after a while, and then most of them will post where they are supposed to.

As a moderator we are finding that something is going wrong somewhere… is it the users? is it the forums?

There seems to be a lack of netiquette somewhere that means people are complaining.
Is it an influx of generation Y users wanting to know how to use Blender instantly without first learning? is it a confusion in the titling of the forums? is it the fast increase in development and exciting features?

A free hug to the first person who solves the problem. Two free hugs for the person who lists all the users causing trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Alltaken, the only thing BlenderArtists lacks is a FAQ. The one we’ve got doesn’t address BlenderArtists, it addresses the forum software. BlenderArtists policy and guidelines are in stickies, in user threads, operational definitions people get from lurking or posting a while, and so on. There’s no central place a person can go to for definitive answers. Hell, one of the best posts on artist netiquette isn’t even on BlenderArtists, it’s a reference to a post on some other forum. I’d post a link, but I don’t recall where it is. I saw it here in a thread a year or so ago. How is that supposed to help new users?

The FAQ is the first place a person goes (if they’re smart and cooperative, some aren’t) to find out how to be a good netiizen. I mean, it’s right up there in the masthead. I looked at it, once. Turns out it’s vBulletin boilerplate. It explains referrals. The calendar. What’s up with that? Truth is, we need a FAQ, and we haven’t got one.

Then I authorize Alltaken to delete this if so many people don’t think this is useful.:smiley: