Delete this thread

This thread needs to be deleted.

The first replies to these threads can often be a little harsh, so I’ll try and be polite here.

LOZelda is quite popular, there is a sizeable thread here somewhere on whether people want to see it as a feature film or would rather it stay in the gaming realm. So I’m sure some people would want to help.

However, paying people to work on a large project that is based on someone else’s already established commercial franchise is a pretty risky road to walk down, especially if you want to try and make your money back with the film or display it in any sizeable ‘release,’ even just the occasional film festival.

I get where you are coming from, I’ve wanted to make a Star Wars fan film for years, but now I appreciate that if I come up with my own characters and setting/world/universe, I’ll be able to take so much more pride in my accomplishment at the end and display it where-ever I want without risking copyright issues.

Another thing I’m considering is to make a fully finished single ‘shot’ of a film - modelled /rigged /textured character in a well lit and composited scene with a little dialogue. Just to feel confident with each step before I even attempt a short film. Otherwise I feel I might get 3 months in and realise I can’t handle the animation side or something.

Just some friendly advice.

Got some one working on temple of time but nothing else yet.