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Your plane looks cool, I almost feel that it would be cooler to control it than to control the ball man with legs.

Automating the enemy planes (AI) seems like it would be the hardest part of such a project. Although a slow track to the player and a general speed forwards would probably work… (alternately you could probably set each one up with a location IPO and it will follow a fixed path)

Anyway, good luck with your game. It’s quite feasible, nothing too fancy but it can result in a playable game.

Oh, and to get in game shots of your plane, (since you implied that you used a render instead of the in game shot), just press “Print Scrn” on your keyboard, and then open up an image program like paint, press ctrl V to paste in the screenshot, and then crop it to show what you want.

Thanks for the screen shot tip.
for the AI programing i simply used a property and a track to actuator…its really simple to make but hard to explain…i got it from my mastering blender book. i heard that it was first made and posted here in one of the forums… :wink:

Could someone please delete this thread???