Delete Unpacked Image Texture

Hello everyone,

I have a file with some packed image textures. Some textures are not needed, so I unpacked them. The question is: is it possible to delete those unpacked textures from the list (see below)? Every time I reopen the file they are still there. Even deletion of the image files hasn’t helped.

Yes. if you pay attention you will see that some textures has a 0 in front of them, that means they are not used anywhere. in that case, they will be deleted the next time you save, and reopen the blend file.

Note that if you press the F button (this one)
the image will be “forced”. meaning it wont be deleted when reopening the file, even if its not in use.

If the texture has no prefix, it means the texture is used somewhere. It is possible to find out where a texture is in use, as ive done it myself before, but i do not remember. i think it was something with the outliner, but im not sure.

anyways, if you wish to delete it, go through textures, materials, Background images, etc, and make sure the texture is not in use anywhere, confirm this by checking if it has a 0 as prefix, then save your blendfile, and re-open it.

Presence of 0 prefix didn’t solve the problem. But I found the solution: Shift+clicking the cross beside the name of the texture and reopening the file help.