Delete USED materials

hey guys,

is there a way to delete materials inside of blender that are assigned to objects?
i’ve got many objects who have those materials assigned along with other materials but they are not applied to polygons anymore.
so i don’t even know which objects have those materials assigned to them.

cheers christian

select the object, and click the “-” sign in the material tab. this will remove the texture from that object, but not from your blend file.

if a material is not assigned to any objects, it will get a “0” in front of its name, witch means it will be deleted the next time you close blender.

if you click the F button, you will force blender to keep it, even though you restart blender, and the material is not assigned to any objects.

i dont know if you can delete a material, but if you delete the object that its assigned to, or remove the material from every object that its assigned to, save the blend file and restart it, then it will go away.

thanks finalbarrage.

i was wondering if there was a way to delete materials without having to go thru every object.
maybe in blender 2.8 :wink:


You should get Amaranth’s GREAT Addon Scene Debug.

With this Add on…You can see where Materiale - texture is used + A lot of other very usefull tools…:slight_smile:


thanks for the tip!! very useful :slight_smile:
i will take a look into it ^^

Looks nice, but given the “here was a refactor in Blender 2.74 that broke the addon”, does it still work?

If it does work, can I somehow locate where certain node groups are located so I can clean up my projects? Getting sick of all those “nnn.001” 002 003 and so one that really should be the same thing.


The tools I use in the add on looks like they work fine…It can show missing node link…But thats isen’t what You look for…?

I’m a noob but maybe You can use the Outliner to find the groups You are looking for ?..There have been some nice update lately…:slight_smile:


To delete a material (or image, or mesh, or basically any datablock) from all objects in Blender, you can shift-click the X that normally is used to delete it from a single object. (Or was it ctrl-click? If you hover the mouse over that X the tooltip that pops up will say what the shortcut is) On all objects that reference that datablock, its name will turn red; if you save and reload the file, it’ll be gone.

WOW … shift click works :smiley:
thanks, this is really great to know :slight_smile: