Deleted collections always here when append in another projet

Hello, I have a problem, in a project where I deleted collections and left only one after saving. I want to import this collection into a new project but when I do “append” all the collections I have deleted are still there!
What’s happen?
I’ll don’t understand.

Thanks by advance for your help.

I cannot reproduce your problem, can you specifiy your blender version and the steps you do.

Thanks for the response.
In fact the problem is that if I’ am using files from blender 2.79 and when I destroy collections coming from those files and recreate a new one.
I’ll save.
And that after I do “append” in a new file the destroyed collections are still present but empty.
The recreated one is good but it’s hard to navigate with all the old collection.

If I do the same operation with a file created under blender 2.90, there is no problem.

For myself the problem seems it’s the file use the 2.79 collection (group) method.

Thanking you in advance for your opinions.

Best regards.

If you go to the outliner you can switch to the “Blender File” view in the little drop down on the top. There you can brows to “collections” or probably “groups” in 2.79 and see all collections/groups in the file. Even the ones that are not in your scene.

The thing is, groups/collections are not deleted from the file just because they aren ot present in your scene.

Thanks Lumpengnom it was that.
The deleted group or collection was still here in “blender file” and I’ll could delete them here!

I’ll don’t know about these features, thanks a lot.
Is there a way to purge the deleted colletion in “layer view” without check the blender file?
Thanks by advance.

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I don’t think so. The “View Layer” display mode is there for handling data inside the view layer. Since the collections in question are not inside this view layer it would not make sense to have them there.

Not sure, but you might also see them in “orphan data” display mode of the outliner.

Thanks, I’ll think the problem come because it was some “group” from old 2.79 project.

If the append come from 2.91 project there is no problem.

Thanks for the help and the tips about the blend file.

Best regards