Deleted edges automatically restore on save


I just Knife-projected, deleted superfluos edges, saved - and as I save, the edges simply reappear. Why? What? Who? :sweat_smile:

Did you make sure to click on Cut-Through in the pop-up down on the left side?
That’s the only way I can think of offhand as to why the edges weren’t deleted…Can you show your mesh in edit mode…

  1. before save and again after save? Or share your Blend?

After completely uninstalling Blender and kicking out all addons, it now seems to work.
I’m sure I made no mistake deleting the edges. The were GONE. I hit “save”, they were magically reconstructed. You could watch them pop back up!

I’ll continue working on it tomorrow, keep my eyes peeled, but so far this hasn’t occurred again. There were always error messages popping up from Graswald and GScatter, the tabs were suddenly all jumbled up and so on…