(Deleted?) keyframes still show

Hi all

I made an animation for a rig,
now when i play the animation - i get odd jumps of the rig in places where there are no keyframes at all.
like, a bone is animated from point a to b and is interpolated well most of the way,
but in one of the frames between the bone jums to a different, completely out of line position.
I thought maby a keyframe I deleted earlier while editting is still remembered somewhere, or is it a bug ??


how have you done the animation

did you use the NLA?
check your IPO curves at the point in which the bones “jump”

need more info or a .blend file

Be sure all channels are showing in the ipo window. I’ve been bit many times by having only one or two channels showing, and when I delete keys, I am only deleting those keys for those channels; the other keys for the hidden channels are still there.


thanx for a so quick reply…
well, i made the animation in the action editor. no keyframe is seen there, nor in nla and ipo curves. I probably duplicated and deleted keyframes while editing. thought the jump might come from some deleted keyframe that still lives in some kind of cache maby ?

when you say hidden channels do you meen the ones I can scroll to see (alt+drag) ? in that case I did scroll and zoom arround the nla/ipo/action editors and found nothing.

I attached a minimised blend file where you can clearly see the jump. i left only two keyframes at frames 0,50 and you can see that arround frame 25 there is that jump which is not part of the expected interpolation…

thanx :slight_smile:



afrik.blend (275 KB)

the problem you have is with the bone roll

blender is having a hard time figuring out how to interpolate between the 2 key frames

because I don’t know exactly how you want the armature to move - I can’t fix it for you

but what you can try to do is
(A)hide some channels in the action editor to stop the bone from rolling in a certain axis
open the IPO curves for each bone in the action editor and click on the eyeball to hide the channel, then scrub your animation to see if it is the offending channel (but it might be more than one channel
(B)edit the QuatX, QuatY, QuatZ & QuatW IPO curves in the IPO editor

but it might be easier to delete the key frames or create a new action

Make sense?


tnx again !

I tried playing with that ipo’s and all, couldnt find anything…

I think i’ll just compose the whole animation again. this usually works…
maby something got messed up while I played with it.
(the file i sent is just a fraction of the animation).

i’ll let you know how it goes.


yeah, sometimes bone roll can be a pain in the butt

it will probably be easier to delete the animation and start again


you know there is another mystery to me that might have some relation to this one.
maby there is something im missing in blender.

I have an object with some ipo between frame 1-100, and then I set the frames for ‘save game to ipo’ to 100-200, and press p;
result is:
I can se the game animation but no the ipo curves of it.
In the ipo window i still see the ipo’s for 1-100, but they dont seem to work…only the animation from the game is seen.
maby there is somewhere to see ipo’s that im missing ?


don’t know the answer to this one

but you might want to start a new thread with a different title so it’s easier for someone to solve the problem

don’t know the answer to this one
I haven’t done much with “save game to IPO”

but you might want to start a new thread with a different title so it’s easier for someone to solve the problem

For the first one, it seems you have rotated the bones round the wrong direction. What you are trying to do, is rotate some 5 degrees clockwice, but they go 355 degrees counterclockwice. When you are adding keyframes, you don’t notice this, because the bones look the same both ways. But when Blender interpolates this, it has the 360 degrees difference, which it tries to break evenly to the keyframes, and that’s why it seems to jump a long distance.

ok snifix, i understand the rotation problem, but how can i solve it or avoid it ?
Is blender limited ? cant I trust its interpolation ?

and i will open a new thread about that game to ipo thing

Oh, now I see my suggestion was not the right one. The rolling seems not to functiate that way. Instead it tries to calculate the shortest rolling direction to reach the next keypose. (EDIT. I think that comes from Blenders way of using quaternions instead of degrees for bone rolling, it seems to be different than with ordinary objects.)

So, what you can do: if you are rotating a bone, add keys at least every 1/4 of full roll.

I think there is no other way than rolling the animation back and forth, over and over again, so you see which way the bones go. Alt-Mousewheel is very handy for that. There is some path-illustrating tools too for bones, in the menus, but I don’t know how to use them.

EDIT. The easiest way to go in your blend-file is to delete the second diamond from your NLA-editor. Then drag the green line at about 1/3 of the original distance, you can drag it with mouse, or use the arrow keys, or scroll back and forth with Alt-Mousewheel. Activate the auto-keying from the timeline (its the red record-button you see in your scene, remember to deactivate it when done!). Then activate the “hand-icon” to get the 3D-manipulator, turn it to rotate mode, and it will take you 15 seconds to get the animation ready!

hi all !

After reanimating it works fine, u can see it here http://www.notev.com/3d/player.php?url=afriketsev_skitsa.flv&p=1

thanks for all advice !
its my first post here and I must say I’m impressed !