Deleted linked groups

I can tell if an object is linked, but if I delete the object I can’t find it.

You may well say, “well, its deleted”, mmm, I agree, but for some reason I can’t re-link in the same object, so I believe there must be a reference to it somewhere, just not sure how to find it… Any ideas?

by linked you mean linked from another .blend file?

Yes, not appended.

That’s odd, rarebit. I just tried it (2.65 r54473) and it worked. Nothing complex, though. I linked in several models, deleted them, then re-linked them, deleted and re-linked a third time. No problem.

Can you supply more info? OS? Blender version? non-standard addons? Anything that might be out of the ordinary.

I’ve seen this issue for a while, but currently i’m using r54330 on Fedora 15, TBH it was actually a group I was trying… is that any different for you?


Changed title :wink:

Ah-ha! You’re right. Objects aren’t a problem; groups are. Perhaps this needs to be reported as a bug?