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  1. The sentence makes almost no sense what-so-ever. 2. You’re posting in the wrong place.

You simply need to make a hole in the plane mesh for the tube mesh to pass through:


For future reference, please post this type of question in the Modeling support forum.

BTW: If your going to use the Fluid Simulator with this setup, the tube will need some ‘thickness.’

Hope that helps!


And to answer your next question:
to add such a hole you subdivide the plane a few times (select all the vertices and w -> subdivide or subdivide multi), extrude the vertices, esc to stop the extrusion and then hit S and scale them down a bit and the hit Shift+Ctrl+S (To sphere) to make them form a circle…

If you know that already, just ignore :wink:

and to answer your next question, you must select the tube and make it a Domain. Fluids flow within a Domain. So go to the Buttons window, click on the little tri-arrow, and then click the Physics button that looks like its shooting off particles. In the Softbody panel, click the Fluid Simuation tab to bring up that panel. In that tab, click the Enable button and the Domain button.

oh, this is fun