wrong forum!. you can try to compile the souces

Well, I assume that you want to get the BGE working on Slax, or you wouldn’t have posted in this forum. When I first read your question, I asked myself “What’s Slax? Never heard of it.” Now I am responding to your post from my shiny new Slax 6.0.6 LiveCD. I must say that I’m rather impressed with this clean little distro. It will make a very nice USB flash drive operating system. (Anyone interested in looking at Slax, go to and enjoy a copy for yourself.)

Now, to answer your question: I tried to get Blender working on Slax, but I wasn’t successful. I donwloaded a pre-compiled copy of Blender from, extracted it, then I tried to run it from the terminal. First it complained that it was missing libPython2.5, so I donwloaded the Slax python library module and activated it with the module manager. Then Blender started to list other modules it was missing. I knew you could convert debian packages to slax modules if you had the debian package tools module activated, so I downloaded that and activated it. I then started getting the missing dependencies from one at a time and converting them to Slax modules with deb2lzm.

Once I had met the dependencies Blender told me about, I tried to run Blender once again, and it just gave me a segmentation fault and never started. This might be because some dependency of one of the libraries I loaded wasn’t met. I admit using debian packages instead of modules built specifically for Slax is sloppy, and it doesn’t prove anything definitive.

If you really want to get it working, I recommend that you start by building the dependencies for Blender on Slax and making Slax modules out of them (so that the rest of us can benefit). Slax has a very easy set of module building rules, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make something that you could share with the community. Once you’ve built the dependencies with Slax, the pre-compiled Blender should work.

If that doesn’t work, though, you’ll need to build Blender from source at that point, which means you’ll have to build and install all of the dev versions of the dependencies and the gcc and g++ (for the game engine), then compile Blender itself.

Either that, or find somebody to do all of that for you. (Not me.)

Hello there,
I have found Slax a few days a go and one thing was missed to me a lot and that’s Blender. Package that can be found in modules repository doesn’t work for me so I have decided to make my Blender 2.47 module for Slax.
There was a problem with some dependencies so I’ve included this in module:


I have used an official Blender static build for Linux that can be found here:

You’ll also need Python 2.5.2 module from here:

Package can be found here
or here

Thanks, damir. I never was able to get it to work, so I’m eager to give your module a try. I’ll let you know if I have any problems with it.