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Very nice! You came a long way from that first image in the WIP thread! Great job. I think the eyes might be a little dark but still looks really good! Good luck in the contest

Looks great nikolaus!

Glad to see this finished, but its really dark, even on my bright monitor.

-Congrats Nik he looks good, I like the added freckles on his face…it feels good to finish a model!!

its more of a charicature than realistic face because of big nostrils and the way the eyelids are modelled.

Thats a great image Nikolaus. You have come a long way.

Keep going, you will only do better.

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I think you’ve progressed quite a bit since the first image. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Considering when you came into this, you knew next to nothing about human modeling, topology, texturing, SSS, lighting and particles (I think I got all the things you mentioned), I’d call this very well done. I’m still not that great at some of that stuff, but I’d have to say, Stand up and give yourself a big round of applause! Much better than what I expected early on. I’m glad I was there to help you, and honestly, that looks 10 times better than my first attempt, and I had a tut.
Everyone, this is proof that, now a days making a decent artist is indeed a community effort. So I say it’s motivation to band together as a community and create some! If all of us, with our specific talents, work together, we can all take pride in art pieces together.

Nik, I’d say enter in CatB, and next time you create a human, aim higher with your new-found knowledge. Every time aim a little higher and who know what galaxy you’ll end up in!

Geeze stealing the limelight a little? Give the guy some credit! :spin:
The community may have helped but it was through Nikolaus’ own skills and perseverance that got this finished.

On topic: Great work. I like the skin shader and modeling but the lighting and stubble on his face could do with some work.

The eyes are creepy! But I think it fits the scene quite well.

So bravo! Keep up the good work :rolleyes:

Congratulations Nikolaus, on your first realistic human head!
Great work, and as you have been improving a lot I’m sure you will keep doing so.
I like the title and the scary atmosphere the darkness and the lights create.

I would say category A, but could be cat B if you prefer that. Sorry I can’t help you much.

nice work nikolaus!
good luck in the competition :slight_smile:

so awesome!