deleting a face.

HI everybody

Ive just started a new script and allready encountered a problem.
i need to delete a face but the faces.delete() doesnt accept any arguments from me.
it says
expected int and sequence of ints OR MFaces
well i tryied both.
gave it ints and
gave it MFace,eg. faces.delete(faces[1])
also tryied deleting in edit mode and not in edit mode.

nothing worked.

you need a sequence of ints or faces.

so one is it a sequence, simple way is to make a list

me.faces.delete([0,1,2,3]) # deletes 4 faces

hmm this one doesnt work for me. dunno why.
but i found one way for deleting faces from a python script.
it was like this
but what is this 0 for?

old thread, but it fits my problem:

delete(0,[faces]) -> face deleted, edges and vertices kept
delete(1,[faces]) -> face and edges deleted, vertices kept

it seems that every other parameter acts like 1, ie the vertices not deleted, even they aren’t involved in other faces or edges.

how can i delete a face with its vertices?