Deleting a mesh layer

So I was doing that doughnut tutorial you always see to try and figure out this program. I got to the point where your making the icing, you select the top part of the doughnut and duplicate it (shift+D) but i guess I was supposed to press P to make it it’s own object, so now it’s in the drop down menu of the doughnut object layer as a mesh ID layer (or whatever you call it, I’m learning. It’s the upside down green triangle with circles on the 3 points) And now I can’t delete it. Seems like an easy enough problem to solve. I can’t Ctlr+Z undo It for some reason and for WHATEVER reason I can’t just select the specific layer, right click and delete it without it deleting the doughnut object as well in its entirety. This is driving me nuts it seems so utterly simple and I’m having to spend my whole afternoon trying to figure this out when it should just be a select and delete solution. At this point it would honestly be faster/simpler to start over from scratch but that seems ridiculous and I feel like I might accidentally do something like this again because it’s so easy to do. Does anyone know how to delete a mesh layer that’s in an objects dropdown menu?? If anyone could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks

Hello- A screenshot of the Outliner would be helpful in understanding what you are talking about (or, better, an upload of the file). I am guessing that you are talking about the Outliner when you say “doughnut object layer.” Merely duplicating vertices would not add anything to the Outliner though. Separating them into a new object would add a new mesh (with .001 added to the original mesh name). The “mesh layer” (green triangle) is just information about the object, not a separate object).

If you duplicated the top part without separating it (P, in edit mode), there are a couple things you could do.

  • You could delete the duplicated verts in Edit mode by selecting all (press A key), then press Alt-M and choose By Distance. (Note: in newer versions of Blender, Alt-M is being changed to M). This is a straightforward approach, and you can start again at the point where you select the top of the doughnut for the icing.
  • You could select one of the duplicated verts, and press CTRL-L (Select Linked) to select the rest of then connected verts. Then press P to separate (choose Selection option). Since the verts are overlapping, if you select a doughnut vert instead, just press H to hide the doughnut , then select the icing and press P to separate. Do not forget to press Alt-H to un-hide the doughnut verts.