deleting actions and other channels

I posted this on cgtalk just yesterday , but I thought I would get a better response on elysiun- (it was down yesterday when I tried)

I was wanting to delete channels in the NLA as well as actions! I thought you could just be able to press delete or x but that doesn’t seem to work! Does anyone know?



Just answered there.


Well kind of-

You know the little pin in the action window and next to that is the drop down menu – I want to delete everything in the drop down menu – not just individual channels-

But I want to delete the channels in the NLA-

I hope thats a little clearer-


The NLA is easy, just select the Strip (yellow) and delete it with X. Actions must be deleted from the NLA and Action Editor and then the Fake User removed in Shft-F4 (otherwise they will be saved because they are still linked to F)


Yeah I thought shift-f4 would do it – but it says check console window for details- and there is nothing in the console! |I can delete the keys and strips fine-- but not the channels-- if it looks a little messy its because its my first time doing this in blender!

I 'll email you the file- the actions are on rollabck and roll forward–

I hope you don’t mind.


To be sucessful at SHIFT-F4 you need to delete the link to the Datablock. The Outliner Window can help you find what objects have an Action linked to them.

I say this because I have a habit of linking Actions to objects other than an Armature.

OK finally got it

You delete them with X in the Action Editor. Then you goto Shft-F4 and and goto the Action lib where you select them with RMB and press F to get rid of the Fake User. Close that window and save and reopen and they should be gone.

Thats what Fligh% wrote over at cgtalk–

Ok - I thought I wasn’t deleting anything but I was! - Just had to save and reopen like Fligh% said - and they are gone in the Action pop-up menu! SO thanks Fligh% for clearing that up–

I had to go through and delete all the users- aswell - you can’t delete anything if they have a user! -

And thanks honeycomb - yeah going through the outliner in a huge help-
My actions where all over the show so they took a bit of searching!

Thanks again


Glad you got it because the email addy in my posts is a dummy so I wouldn’t have gotten it.

Actions, unlike other DataBlocks, are automatically given a Fake User since mostly, although you may have 20 or more, you’ll only be using 3 or 4 at a time and if you were to save (think autosave) and they worked like other DataBlocks you’d loose all the unlinked ones. Shft-F4 is the only place to unlink the Fake user and, once that’s done, they work like all other links.