Deleting actions without wanting to?


I’m trying to practice combining actions – in this case I have a combined walk cycle (loop action)/walking direction(linear) going and want the action to stop at a certain frame to have my character stop and do something else. The problem arises when I start animating the armature to make my character do something after stopping. It works but I kind of delete my walk cycle in the process for no apparent reason and the character ends up jumping to his destination instead of walking. I tried clicking the little lock next to the action, making a new track and hitting ‘start tweaking’ but so far without success.

File attached to post.

Marco :slight_smile:Fischermann_Seite7.blend (1.13 MB)

I’m actually watching a tutorial now that might solve this! I’ll be keeping you posted.

Sounds like you need to work on your dope sheet skills.