deleting deleted object

When I´ve deleted one object that I didn´t needed, something strange happened. The object I deleted wasn´t renderable, it was not visible but it became visible when I turned on BGE.
I was searching in my .blend for a while when I found objects I deleted in outliner. Now I can´t select them, I can´t find them, I can´t do anything about them. Is there some way to delete object that I´ve already deleted in 3d view but they stayed visible in outliner and BGE?

So far as I know - someone may have a better answer - the only time an object isn’t totally deleted is if you delete it in edit mode. If you delete the object as an object I.E. in Object mode - then it is totally gone. Why this is - I have no idea.

I had a similar problem trying to render with Indigo - I had deleted an object by deleting the vertices - however it wasn’t gone, I kept getting an error message and had to go piece by piece moving objects to another layer until I found the offending objects center ( just the usual dot ) and delete that in object mode.

Hope that helps.

Yep delete the object from object mode

If you delete the vertices but not the object, then you will have a empty object. So that’s why the object is there because you delete the data of the object, not the object

If you delete the object and …bugs …try to restart the Blender.

I was in object mode when I deleted those objects. I can´t find them anywhere in my .blend, no sign of any object, no empty object, no dot. only in outliner but i can´t select or delete them. I can see them only in BGE and it annoys me becous I wanted them deleted

How did you create the object? If you duplicated the object from another one using Alt-D, then you only duplicated the object data. The original mesh is still there.

When I duplicated data from the first scene to the second, I deleted the original, but I don´t see how does it relates to the object that I do not see in 3d view, can´t select it in outlinerbut somehow it always appears when I run game engine.:confused::frowning: I just need to know how to delete that damn four objects from my blend fine.

EDIT: there is no mesh of that object(s), objects appear ONLY and only in outliner
EDIT2: from data in outliner I found out that the objects that I´m looking for are parented to the camera (as they were before I deleted them) and I think that I know their location(but I don´t see them there.)

Maybe, the source will tell you more. download the source
I´ve put together a test level (console will moan about some missing libraries, pls ignore it) so you can see it. To launch the test level go to:
villager problem/data/terrain/testlevel.blend

When you will launch the “game” in that file you will see the “Game menu” that i´ve deleted but it´s still visible in the game. It´s replaced by new pause menu, so when you press Esc, the pause menu will apear and the game will end when you click the Exit game button.

When you enter the: villager problem/data/postavy/PLAYER.blend
you can see the Plane.002 object in outliner but not in 3d view. It is also not selectable in outliner