Deleting edges

I was wondering if there is a way to delete an edge, without actually deleting the respective faces/vertexes (the way it works in Maya).

I believe that is called dissolving, and Blender unfortunately doesn’t dissolve much yet. An edge loop can be dissolved, but that is about it for right now. This is one of the many features that bmesh integration will provide once it is merged into 2.5

Another thing to keep in mind is that Blender does not yet support polygons with more than 4 sides, which means there are not many situations where it could dissolve an edge.


Understood. I would usually want to use that to convert 2 tri faces to a single quad though. I am a bit surprised there hasn’t been a real push to Bmesh to get it in ASAP. With the knife tool not working properly and awaiting BMesh integration, the whole modeling workflow seems severely crippled in 2.5. I basically for now keep extruding/scaling faces to add detail wherever I want, since I can’t add anything by cutting through edges.

2.5 is still in development. It’s not yet even in a beta status. When it’s released and doesn’t do what you want, then you can winge about it. If you want the knife tool use 2.49, simple.

You don’t have to be so aggressive, I am perfectly aware of the alpha stage of Blender, I did not whinge, I expressed my surprise on a certain still missing feature I personally consider a top priority, and did it in a respectful manner. I choose to use 2.5 over 2.49 for various reasons which I don’t need to explain to you. Be nice and polite, simple.

Richard Marklew, I do agree tone, your emotions down and get anger management.
People don’t appreciate conflict or high levels of negativity there is no need, learn to respect people with your knowledge, while you still have it.

You can convert two triangles into a quad by selecting the two triangles and pressing f or alt + j.

Thank you Kupoman, works like a charm!