Deleting everything permanently that is disconnected

Hey! I’m a sloppy person as in not… how to say… I change my mind and let things stay where they are, and now my .blend file is at 50mb but it should only be at about 10 if not less, the thing taking place is particles settings that are saved + some images, and I was wondering if it is possible to delete EVERYTHING that is not used at all aka disconnected. But only the images and particle settings because they are the ones taking up like 40 mb of the blend file >_<.

Thanks in advance!

Curious you mention this, FreeMind and myself are discussing this topic as we write, check it out here:

right, okey, but is there any way to see which objects that uses X image or X material or X particle settings? because saying how many objects that uses helps a little bit, but knowing which one of the objects that uses it would help a ton more :wink:

You’re absolutelly right, sometimes it’s annoying to look at a material or an image and see a given number of users it is associated with and not knowing which. To avoid getting lost, I always check the Outliner and make sure the hierachies of objects are the way I want them to be.