deleting images from a file

i’m using alot of image textures in a .blend now, and some of them are unneeded. is there a way to just get rid of them to keep things organised?

what kind is it UV or plane with texture images?

happy 2.5

If they are not used, just save file and reopen.

well i’m getting giant lists like this, with the same texture up to five times… finding a picture gets hard…

In a UV/Image editor window select each texture you want to remove and Shift mouse click on the X symbol next to its name (read the tooltip). Save your file and then reopen it.

strange that you have to re-open the file, point of improvement in my opinion… thanks anyways

Really its poor management of your textures. If they don’t have and F or 0 in front of them you have set then to be used by something. It’s always best if you are in control of your work so you don’t have these duplicates.

Not really. If you do multiple normal or texture bakes, or if you have to re-do your UV unwrapping at any point, then you’re likely to have a few unused maps that are just taking up room in your image organizer.

i can’t remember i made 5 of the same textures on purpose… and even if i did, it should be easier if i could just delete them directly…