deleting keyframes

hey, i just started teaching myself animation, and i’ve already ran into my first problem, but thankfully it’s simple, so i just posted it here.

i’m using keyframes (Insert Keyframe -> LocRotScale) to animate the movement of a box, but how do i delete/remove a keyframe? for that matter, how do i move a keyframe up and down the timeline?

You use the IPO., Action, and NLA windows.

Select the channel/IPO curve(s) that you want to edit by LMB clicking on the channel names in the IPO editor. Press K (view keys) and each keyframe is represented as a vertical line, RMB to select, drag to move, N for properties to type exact values.

For a LOC or LOC/ROT the X / Y / Z curves are grouped together under an “IPO”, the name of that grouping is in the bottom of th IPO window header. If you want to move the keys for all of the curves at once for a particular type range(s), click on the little “headless man” beside the IPO type selector in the IPO header (OBJECT / MATERIAL / WORLD …), (i’t tooltip is “Set’s Ipo to be included as an Action or not”). With that button activated, you can use the Action editor to select all of the curves at once, they are represented by diamond shaped nodes. You can then move the nodes around, and even “size” them (expand or shrink time between multiple selected keys).


w00t, thanks Mike_S! Got it all worked out. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks!:smiley:
I know it wasn’t actually me asking the question, but I always thought you couldn’t change keyframes, this makes animation much easier:)