Deleting Materials?

How can I delete materials? I have an old project I was working on that I am pulling out, and a lot of the materials I have on there were recreated twice or more, making a bunch of materials that I do not need, so I wanted to delete all the materials and start from scratch.

I guess it can’t be done. :frowning:


Just delete all links from your objects and meshes to your material datablocks. Save and reopen your file and they will be gone. If this doesn’t work, your file has been corrupted somehow. In this case, append everything except the materials you don’t want into a new file.

Ok, a little more work than I wanted, but I guess its the only way.

I know what you mean, the material part in Blender is really strange. When you have over 50 materials in the scene and some become copies and so on there should really be an easy way to take them away. I think they should just put an small “X” close button beside all materials in the list so that you can easy take them away from you scene if you dont need them.

yeah is it possible to wipe nodes, materials or uv’s completely even though we have other ones we do want???

how did you install the materials and how do you select what you want?–i know this is not an answer to your question but i am now desperate