Deleting Meshes

Hi all!

I’m using Blender since a few months now to create an ‘Advanced Preprocessing’ add-on for an open-source program called SPHysics (see Blender has proved vital in doing so and I can only express my sincere gratitude to the developers.

For the add-on I created a python script that exports a general mesh object to a regular 3D grid. The fastest algorithm that came to my mind for doing so involves creating new meshes temporarily. The problem now is that I don’t know how to delete these meshes after I use them. The unlink function that is supposed to be part of Blender.Meshes is not available somehow. Due to memory limitations it would be good for me if I’d be able to destroy those meshes after I used them.

I’m sorry if I missed something simple but I did my fair share of searching online.

Thank in advance,

If you are talking about 2.49 (isn’t great, now we have to specify in every post what version we are talking about) then there is no delete. Simply re-use the mesh, don’t create a new one.

Yes I was talking about 2.49.

Indeed reusing the mesh might be an alternative. Thanks.