Deleting objects from groups/collections in 2.7 vs 2.8


when working with linked groups in 2.7 deleting a object from in the 3d viewport would also cause it to be removed from the group. Now with 2.8 the objects are still in the collection when I remove them in the Viewport
Is there a easy way to remove these objects also from the collections, since I can only access them via the outliner and as long as I do not know the name I have to guess which object it is?
Preferable I would like to have the old behavior where deleting a object, it is also removed from the collection.

best regards Andersh

You probably used proxy system.

In 2.8, you should use a library override for that.
Create a library override on linked collection. Then delete object and rename collection.
That way when you create a collection instance, you are sure that collection with override and linked collection don’t have same name.

Thanks, I don`t think this was what I was looking for, but now I know how powerful overrides are.
I think I solved the issue for the future. I found out that I can delete objects with shift+x instead of x witch removes the objects also from the collection.