Deleting original cube?


I am a blithering newbie trying to follow the light saber tutorial in this thread:

I have a basic question that comes up. I deleted the cube, made a plane, deleted two vertices and subdivided. I renamed the new plane object (which is now a line) to “short” and also renamed its mesh to “short”. I haven’t added any materials yet but I forgot to delete the initial material.

Here is what I don’t get. When I am in object mode and on the editing panel looking at the “links and materials” there is an entry in the ME popup menu that says “O cube” if I select it my line turns back into a cube. I can’t see this cube mesh in the outliner view. How do I completely delete the cube? Is there a way i can see where it is in the file structure?


What you can do is start over, go into edit mode for the cube, delete the verticies, and add the plane (while still in edit mode). Then you can rename the mesh and object, and the cube will no longer exist.

Thanks, that will work, but I wanted to understand why. I noticed if I hit the F button or “Saves this data block even if it has no users” it seemed to similarly duplicate the mesh. So then Googling “blender data block” finds this

Normally mesh data are not discarded when their objects are deleted. When the .blend file is saved Blender saves only those datablocks that are used. The F button overrides this behavior to make Blender save the unused object.

So If I had saved my file it would have deleted the cube. I will test this to confirm. Also to see the cube data block I should have selected “View -> Show Oops schematic” in the outliner window’s menu.

I love how powerful Blender is. Thanks,


What you see when you click on the ME button is the list of mesh datas that are saved in your file. Datablocks only get erased when you close and reopen your file with them not linked to anything. I’ll try to explain:

You opened Blender, you had an Object named “Cube”, and that object was linked to a Mesh named “Cube”. You deleted the Cube object, but the Mesh datablock was still there. You then created a new Object, with a plane as a mesh, and made it into a line. Now, if you click on ME, you still see the Mesh datablock ( O Cube - O means that it is not assigned to anything). If you select it, you reassing the Cube mesh to your object, it turns back into a cube.

The point here is: in Blender, an object can be considered to be just the little dot that usually stays in the middle of a mesh (the pink one), not the actual thing made of vertices/faces and stuff.

I hope this is clear… I explained it the best way I can. Good luck!

EDIT: ooops, didn’t read all your previous post… well, I guess I tiped all this for nothing.